We are pleased to announce that the following members of staff will be undertaking attachments at the Crick:

Satellite Groups

Professor Clare Lloyd

Professor Lloyd’s laboratory examines interactions between pulmonary epithelial cells and airway macrophages in experimental models of respiratory disease, in conjunction with samples from patients with a range of lung diseases. The groups aim is to gain insight into the characteristics of airway macrophages and the molecular basis for their interaction with pulmonary epithelial cells, with the goal of understanding how this regulates immunity in the respiratory during health and disease. Little is known regarding the phenotype and function of resident macrophages within the airways following inhalation of particles such as allergens or pathogens, although these cells are ideally placed to direct pulmonary immune responses.

The group are currently working on transcriptomic analysis of airway macrophages retrieved from the mouse respiratory tract following allergen exposure. They will extend these studies to investigate immunological interactions in humans by examining the phenotype and functional characteristics of cells isolated from the airways of children and adults with various lung diseases, (sputum, bronchial biopsies, blood and epithelial cells). The aim is to perform and analyse complex transcriptomic data in airway macrophages against functional and clinical parameters, in a number of different important pulmonary diseases, and inform on how the phenotype of these cells may contribute to disease pathogenesis.