How to Apply

The call for joint project proposals closes on 31 March 2021. 

Please contact Dr Corinne Hanlon to discuss your project proposal. 

Applications for 2021 doctoral supervision are open from 26 February until 31 March 2021. 

The doctoral supervision programme is about encouraging, connecting and facilitating truly multidisciplinary research. Students following the 4-year Crick PhD programme will be co-supervised by an academic at the Crick and an academic at one of the three university partners (Imperial, King's College London and UCL). Students will therefore have access to expertise and facilities at both the Crick and the College, but will be registered with Imperial and will receive an Imperial degree.

There are three types of Crick PhD students:

  • Core Crick students - funded by the Crick.
  • Joint Crick-Imperial students - jointly funded by the Crick and a Department within the College.
  • Externally funded students -  core or joint crick students who are funded by an external agency/funder, such as the Wellcome Trust.

In each case it is expected that the amount of time spent based in the lab of the Crick supervisor and the Imperial supervisor will be decided between the supervisors, but it is anticipated that core Crick funded students will spend the majority of their time in the Crick lab. It is expected that jointly funded students will split their time approximately 50% in the Crick lab and 50% in the Imperial lab.

The Crick will be responsible for monitoring the progression of Imperial-Crick students and in particular for ensuring that relevant milestones are met. The supervisor will meet the student regularly to discuss their project, progress, plans and training.

Benefits for supervisors:

  • Access to highly-qualified and motivated students;
  • The opportunity to collaborate with Crick scientists;
  • Access to Crick facilities via joint Imperial-Crick students.

Applying and Finding a Collaborator

In March a call is released to Imperial Departments for joint project funding. Departments must confirm joint funding before April.

In April the call is released to recruiting Crick Group Leaders and Imperial Supervisors to submitt joint project proposals. Joint project proposals should be submitted by the Crick group leader to by 18 June 2021.

Crick research Group Leaders can be found on the Crick staff pages, but please bear in mind that not all Group Leaders will be looking to recruit a student. To aid collaborations, we welcome potential project summaries from interested candidates. We will then share this with Crick Group Leaders to identify similar interests. Summaries can be emailed to Dr Corinne Hanlon before 31 March 2021. 

Any queries may be directed to the Imperial Crick team who will be happy to assist.