Application process:


Applications for 2017 Interest Groups are now closed.

It’s anticipated that applications for 2018 Associate Membership will open in summer 2018.

Staff from the College have the opportunity to join one/or more, where appropriate, Interest Groups at the Francis Crick Institute as an Associate Member.

The Crick Interest Groups were developed to bring together scientists working on diverse biological systems, with many different complementary sets of expertise, to understand how these processes are regulated in health, and how their breakdown can result in diverse diseases. The aim of the Interest Groups is to enhance scientific discussion by strengthening existing interactions and promoting new links within and across the different Interest Groups.

There are currently nine formal Interest Groups at the Crick:

  • Cancer
  • Cell Biology and Signalling
  • Chromosome Biology
  • Computational and Physical Biology
  • Development and Stem Cells
  • Immunology
  • Infections
  • Neuroscience
  • Structural Biology

The external seminar series is open to a wider audience where events are advertised on the Crick's external website, and these will feature external speakers. Associate Membership also provides access to the internal seminar series with presentations from PhD students, Postdocs and other lab members of their work in progress.

Becoming an Associate Member of a Crick Interest Group provides a unique and exciting opportunity to share diverse knowledge and ideas at an early stage thereby promoting collaboration and accelerating discovery.

Please find more information about these groups and their scientific membership on the Crick’s website