Cohort 2 projects

Solid state light sources for quantum computing

Ion Coulomb Crystals in a Penning trap as a resource for quantum simulations

Our immediate goals are to develop a complete tool-kit for the performance of quantum simulations by gaining precise control over the motional and internal states of the ions in our ICCs. 

Please see our project page for more details.

Testing QED in extreme fields using trapped highly charged ions

Highly charged ions (HCI) – atoms stripped of most of their electrons –offer the opportunity of studying the interaction of charged particles in the presence of truly enormous fields, pushing perturbative approaches to QED to their limits.

Please see our project page for more details.

Matter-wave interferometry on an atom chip

Super-strong coupling toward quantum control

Quantum computing and communication

Attosecond transient absorption

Quantum plasmonics and coupling of single quantum emitters to nanostructure