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AB - The existence of positive well-defined quasiprobabilities is known to be related to the measure of nonclassicality for a given field state. We test the coincidence of the loss of well-known nonclassical properties with the appearance of the positive well-defined quasiprobabilities for various fields influenced by phase-insensitive reservoirs. For Gaussian fields the appearance of a positive Glauber-Sudarshan P function coincides with the loss of nonclassical properties in quadrature fluctuations and in photon statistics. We find that when an initial Fock state dissipates or is amplified the initial field loses its nonclassicality in photon statistics before the P function becomes positive, which is different from the Gaussian field. The Wigner function may be positive even when the decaying Fock state is sub-Poissonian. For the amplification of the Pock state, however, the Wigner function is positive only when the field is super-Poissonian. For the dissipation and amplification of the Fock state the point when a certain quasiprobability function becomes positive definite depends only on the average number of photons N of the heat bath.
AU - Janszky,J
AU - Kim,MG
AU - Kim,MS
EP - 506
SN - 1050-2947
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TI - Quasiprobabilities and the nonclassicality of fields
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