This covers content that does not meet accessibility regulations on the events pages and listings available from the What's on section of the website. It also incudes the content management system for creating and editing events.

Last updated: 17 September 2020 

Website content

Buttons do not have labels

When viewing buttons on the pages it is noted that no labels are present on buttons. Users of assistive technologies may struggle to understand the purpose of the button just by hearing the name of the button.

Image of text present on event page

On some events pages, the event banner image contains an image of text with no

feature allowing the user to customise the font size. This could potentially affect users who require specific styling to understand the content.

Footer link announce letters before text

When tabbing through an event page using assistive technology, the ‘print’, ‘email’, ‘share’ and ‘social media’ calls to actions announce with letters before the text.

Dragon Naturally Speaking users unable to open navigation menu

When viewing the event page users are unable to open the navigation menu when using Dragon Naturally Speaking, as selecting the button navigates the user to the selected page rather than opening the menu.

No alt attribution on social media icons

When viewing an event, the social media links within the footer lack an alt attribute. Links would not be announced to a screen reader when tabbing through the footer.

Adjacent Images on the event page do have an informative alt text

Articles linked within the header of the event page, do not have an informative alt value, instead additional information is announced to screen reader users which could potentially be confusing.

Events content management system

The following issues have been identified when using the WordPress content management system to create and edit events.

Legend missing from fieldset elements

On the admin panel page, the Fieldset element is present however the corresponding Legend element is missing from elements.

Row and columns headers in tables are not Identified by ‘th’ elements

This means screen readers have to decide if it is a layout or data table.

Label element is a descendant of the ‘a’ Element

The ‘label’ element should not appear as a descendant of the ‘a’ element on the admin panel page.

Form controls do not have labels

This applies to some of the form controls on the admin panel. For these elements a screen reader won’t be able to determine what they do.

Colour contrast of inactive pagination calls to action

On the events admin panel the inactive pagination calls to actions to view the results lack contrast with the background. This could be confusing for users who are visually impaired as it may appear not to function.

Dragon Naturally Speaking users unable to select elements hidden by hover

When viewing the admin panel users are unable to select the ‘edit’ and ‘view’ calls to action without hovering the mouse over the event title.

Tab order is not appropriate with iOS VoiceOVer

The tab order when using iPhone VoiceOver on the admin panel is not appropriate tabbing the user to the bottom and then back to the top.

Images lack informative alt values

Images on the admin panel lack a meaningful alt attribute val