Imperial College London is home to 17,000 students and 8,000 staff in West London. The College is acting on the advice of London Coronavirus Response Cell, Public Health England as well as the UK Government, NHS and World Health Organisation. Our in-house safety experts, academic leaders in infectious diseases and other related fields are involved in managing our response to coronavirus (COVID-19) within our community.   

For information about the number of positive COVID-19 tests amongst our students and staff visit the COVID-19 testing data page.

Campus status 

Updated Thursday 15 October 2020

The government has announced further restrictions for London, following an increase in the rate of transmission of COVID-19 across the city. All London boroughs will be placed in the second tier, ‘High’, out of the three tiers announced by the government on Monday 12 October. 

These new restrictions will be in place as of midnight on Friday 16 October. 

How will this impact my home life? 

All indoor mixing between households will be banned. Mixing will be permitted outdoors, following the rule of six, including in private gardens. Existing guidelines on face coverings, observing the two-metre rule, and washing your hands continue to apply. 

The College supports this decision and asks you to apply these rules to your own behaviour.  We understand this will be challenging news for those of you that have worked very hard to minimise transmission of the virus across our own accommodation and campuses.  

  • Household mixing - students 

If you are a student in a hall of residence you will have been informed what constitutes your ‘household’ when you first moved in. If in doubt, please contact your hall warden. In  all  instances  this means you should only use your own shared kitchen and bathroom. You may not visit residents in other parts of the building who form another ‘household’ zone.  

If you are a student in private  accommodation  you will know what constitutes your own household. Please follow this advice in this instance also.  

  • Household mixing – staff 

These restrictions apply to you too. It is important that as the academic year progresses, we do our utmost inside and outside of the workplace to ensure we reduce transmission of the virus. 

I am living in halls of residence, what does this mean for me?

You will have been informed what constitutes your ‘household’ when you first moved into your halls. If in doubt, please contact your hall warden. Further information is available on our Accommodation webpages. 

In  all  instances  you should only use your own shared kitchen and bathroom. You may not visit residents in other parts of the building who form another ‘household’ zone. By following these rules you will be helping to minimise transmission of the virus. 

Will multimode teaching and research change in any way? 

Under ‘High’ (Tier 2) universities will remain open for teaching and research. We continue to offer multimode teaching at its current level and our research activity is unchanged. 

The College is currently delivering teaching and research activity at Tier 1 on the Department for Education’s four-tier system for education provision. These tiers are for guidance and provide the College with a roadmap toward increasing or decreasing remote activity. This should not be confused with the Government’s three-tier system for everyday life. 

We are in regular and close contact with the London Coronavirus Response Cell, Public Health England, and local government public health teams. In future the precise mix of how much on-campus and remote activity we offer may need to change in consultation with those teams. We will always keep our community fully informed of any changes. 

Can staff and students still travel to campus for teaching and research?  

You are encouraged to make fewer journeys than you normally would, but there are no travel restrictions if you are travelling for work or study purposes. This means staff and students can continue to travel to campus for scheduled activity. 

These restrictions are London-wide. If you are travelling into London from elsewhere, please be aware of any local restrictions which may impact your journey. It is important that you inform your line manager or personal tutor if you are unable to travel. 

If you can cycle or walk, you are encouraged to do so; visit the ‘active travel’ pages for more advice.  

What College guidelines and further support are available? 

These new restrictions are a reminder of the importance of the safety precautions we have in place across our campuses and halls of residence. Please take a moment to remind yourself of the actions and behaviours we expect from all our community when we are on campus. 

The UK and global response to the pandemic continues to be fast-paced and unsettling for many of us. Please remember to seek out opportunities to relax and enjoy life outside of work and study, while following Government guidelines. Students can speak to their Personal Tutor or visit the Student Support Zone for further adviceStaff can speak to their line manager and view the staff guidance on our website.  

We will be keeping our community informed. You can expect regular COVID Updates in your inbox – look out for the address.