The Returning to Campus Working Group was established to look at the future of how we work at Imperial and the roadmap for when the government’s restrictions start to lift.  

On this webpage you will find the latest information and guidance on the road map to returning to campus and the future of how we could work post-pandemic.    

We are grateful to staff who have worked on our campuses throughout the pandemic and continue to do so in order to keep our community safe, deliver support services and meet our academic mission.  

Road map to returning to campus for those working at home 

For those staff who have been mostly or completely working from home throughout the pandemic, the return to campus will be a gradual process.

The priorities of the College for the return to campus are to:  

  • maintain a safe environment for our community  
  • enable temporary arrangements for flexible and hybrid working where suitable  
  • learn from experiences and listen to the community in shaping future ways of working 

The College is currently in the ‘Transition and Learn’ phase of its roadmap for returning to campus.

Working from home – current guidance

If you are currently working from home, you will be expected to return to campus, but this shift will happen gradually. Similarly to last autumn, managers will determine the pattern of return to campus for their areas, based on operational requirements and with personal circumstances taken into consideration. We are developing a work location framework in order to support this new way of working going forward. The framework will be presented to Operations Committee this term and we expect to share it with staff in the summer term. 

Further information on College safety guidelines can be seen at the COVID-19 updates and guidelines section of the website. 

Hybrid working questionnaire results

In autumn 2021, staff were asked to complete a Hybrid Working questionnaire, to hear their thoughts and concerns about work arrangements during the current ‘Transition and Learn’ phase of the RTC roadmap.

The results have been collated and the report is now complete. Read the report: Hybrid Working Report Nov-2021 [pdf]

Latest updates  

Updated 20 January 2022  

Workstream updates

At the Return to Campus working group’s most recent meeting (20 Jan), updates were shared by the four workstreams, which can be read in detail on these slides: RTC Working Group - 20 January 2022 [pdf]

Working group’s top level dissolving

The RTC working group is moving to a ‘business as usual’ model, meaning the four workstreams will now feed updates and recommendations directly into the College’s Operations Committee. The working group members were thanked for their hard work and expertise during the pandemic to date.