As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to ensure that your programme of study can be delivered safely, we will be making some amendments to your programme.  

Your programme would normally be delivered in-person on campus. In 2020-21, we plan to deliver it in multi-mode for the Autumn term in the first instance, but this may extend from January onwards as requiredIf you are unable to travel to campus at any time during the academic year, multi-mode means that you will not be disadvantaged in your learning experience over the course of your programme. 

We plan to offer your programme in-person on campus in 2021We have contingency plans in place in case of further disruption as a result of COVID-19 and associated restrictions.  


Institutional guarantees  

All on campus provision will be subject to the requirements of the current Public Health advice from the UK Government, College guidelines on social distancing and any additional health and safety measures. In the event that there is an escalation of the current outbreak or a new outbreak of COVID-19 during your programme then, in line with Public Health Advice from the UK Government, we may be forced to suspend on-campus activity. This may be in connection with either national or local requirements. Since we will already be delivering the taught elements of your programme remotely to some students as part of the multi-mode format, we will be able to deliver these elements to all students remotely.  

The College will deliver your programme to ensure the approved learning outcomes are met and will take steps to make alternative arrangements in any extreme circumstances where this is not possible. The College is also developing community building activities to support the multi-mode experience for students.  

College-wide induction and enrolment activities will operate in a remote format at the start of the academic year.  The departmental induction activities for your programme will take place online, but these will be supplemented with some in-person induction activities which you may choose to attend. Further details will be provided nearer to the start of the programme. 


Content of the programme 

The College has reviewed the learning outcomes for your programme to ensure these can be taught and assessed in a multi-mode format. No changes to the module learning outcomes have been made as a consequence of moving to the multi-mode delivery format.  


Programme delivery 

Over the year we aim to deliver a mixed model of remote teaching and an on-campus experience. If you are unable to come to campus at any time during the academic year, you will be able to continue the course remotely.  

The programme will start with a mixed mode induction. These sessions will be delivered either on-campus or remotely.  Any on-campus activities will comply with public health and College guidelines on social distancing. As students on this course are required to use a *NIX (Linux or Mac) computer, we will perform a pre-course survey to determine what hardware resources students have, and provide suitable guidance to ensure they start the induction with the appropriate equipment. As we have done in previous years, students needing a laptop computer will be lent one. For students attending the course remotely, these will be mailed to the students with appropriate software pre-installed, followed by remote support as needed.  

The induction week will focus on building relationships amongst the students and academics of the programme through on-campus and remote social events and personal tutor meetings, amongst other events. The aim is to create strong cohort bonds from the outset. During the induction week different College services, including library, careers, enterprise, will be introduced. Training courses on different tools, including the virtual learning environment (Blackboard) of the College and MS Teams will run enabling the students to effectively participate in the course. 

The format of these training courses will be composed of pre-recorded videos accompanied by live sessions and activities. It is our intention for students to be able to attend the live sessions in person on campus, whilst giving remote students access to participate online. Some of the live sessions might run completely remotely. Live sessions will be scheduled to include as many time zones as possible and will be recorded and made available to all students afterwards. If required, additional sessions for remote students will run.  

Autumn term (October to December)

Coursework will be delivered fully online using pre-recorded or live sessions, coupled with weekly group programming assignments and daily help sessions.  

Spring term (January to March):   

Teaching and content delivery will be same as for the Autumn term above. Because coursework in this term focuses less on computing (relative to Autumn term) and more on analytical and modelling techniques, assessment will in the form of one final exam at the end of the term. 

Summer term (April to September):  

This term is occupied by the research project. The CMEE training will equip students to conduct all modelling and computational project work remotely using UNIX and open source programming methods.    

To access the content of the programme remotely you will be expected to have access to a computer, reliable internet connection and be able to use Microsoft Teams. Your College IT account will provide you with free access to the Office365 suite of tools online, and further information about how to use Microsoft Teams with additional information is available onlineIt is essential that you install this prior to the term start. 

 Training and support for how to use other systems and software will be provided during the programme induction and through specific modules. 


Programme assessment 

The College has agreed that the default alternative arrangement for any on-campus formal written examinations is to provide a timed remote assessment. For other types of assessment, the method may be amended to accommodate the multi-mode arrangements. All students participating in a piece of assessment will do this is the same way, whether they choose to come to campus or study remotely. Oral presentations may be on campus or remote as appropriate. Details of individual assessments will be provided in the Programme Handbook.  


Length of the programme 

 We anticipate you will be able to complete the programme within the timescale previously advertised which is 12 months full-time 


Additional costs 

To study remotely you will be expected to have access to a computer and to a reliable internet connection, and you will need to cover any associated costs for these. However, as we always do, students needing Laptop computers will be lent one. More information on this will be provided closer to the programme start. Further information about available on-campus computi9ng facilities is available in the Programme Guidebook. There are no other expected additional costs (beyond those previously advertised) to participate in the programme if you choose to study remotely. 



All teaching will be at the Silwood Park Campus.  


Student Experience 

Your experience at Imperial goes beyond just your academic studies. With the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), Imperial has been working with your Union to ensure that we are able to provide, enhance and facilitate all areas of your student experience under all eventualities.  We identified key pillars of the wider student experience:  academic experience; research culture and environment; amenities and accommodation; student community; wellbeing support; co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities.   Information on how we will deliver these, along with information on our Library Services, considering current social distancing restrictions, as well as a full lockdown, are set out on our website.