We are writing to you in our capacity as the programme team, further to previous communications dating back to March and April 2020, to summarise the final plans for the delivery of the PG Diploma Digital Health Leadership programme. 

You currently hold an offer from us to commence study on the Diploma on 9 Sept 2020, and we are delighted to welcome you to the programme. We are contacting you today with the final plans for delivery of the 12-month part-time programme for the Academic year ahead. 

Your programme would normally be delivered remotely as a blended programme, alongside a series of residential placement weeks. Our plans for delivery in 2020-21 remain largely unchanged. 


Institutional guarantees 

All residential provision will be subject to the requirements of the current Public Health advice from the UK Government, College guidelines on social distancing and any additional health and safety measures. In the event that there is an escalation of the current outbreak, or a new outbreak of COVID-19 during your programme, then in line with Public Health Advice from the UK Government we may be forced to suspend residential activity. This may be in connection with either national or local requirements. Since we are already delivering the taught elements of your programme remotely as part of the blended multi-mode format, we will continue to be able to deliver these elements to all students remotely. 

The College will deliver your programme to ensure the approved learning outcomes are met, and will take steps to make alternative arrangements in any extreme circumstances where this is not possible.  


Introduction to the programme 

College-wide induction and enrolment activities will operate in a remote format at the start of the academic year and there will be no requirement to visit the campus in-person to begin your studies. 

Your induction is part of the first virtual residential in September. Along with an introduction to the programme and each Module, the session will also serve as an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the online platforms and tools we will be using in the year, and for all of us to set expectations around the programme and online learning and teaching. 


Autumn term 2020 

  • Module 1 - Essentials of health systems 
  • Module 2 - Implementing strategy and transformational change  

To access the content of the programme remotely, you will be expected to have access to a computer and reliable internet connection. Your College IT account will provide you with free access to the Office365 suite of tools, with further information is available at here


Spring/Summer term 2021 

These will continue to be delivered online, as advertised: 

  • Module 3: Health information systems and technologies 
  • Module 4: User-centred design and citizen-driven informatics  
  • Module 5: Decision support, knowledge management, and actionable analytics 
  • Module 6: Leadership and Transformational Change 

Residentials 9-11 September and 1-3 December 

The NHS Digital Academy Team has replaced these in-person experiential days with remotely delivered, live interactive (synchronous) sessions, where you will have an opportunity to interact with peers, Module Leads, guest speakers, and your Programme Team. 

These live virtual sessions will be delivered between 9am and 5pm (UK time) on the above dates. 

Some sessions will be recorded to provide a reference point for your studies in the future. 


Residentials 21-23 April and 1-2 July 

We are currently planning for residentials in April and July to be delivered through a blended multi-modal learning model, with a combination of online and in-person teaching. In the event of a suspension of in-person activity at this time all teaching activities will be delivered remotely.   



The assessments for the year are designed to be varied and authentic, teaching skills that are useful in academic, industry, and clinical environments. Assessments will be undertaken as individuals or in teams, and to be submitted through Blackboard Learn, our virtual learning platform. Assessments will provide a chance to expand knowledge on theory, principles and examples taught in each module, appraise knowledge, apply theory to professional practice, and a chance to explore further topics of interest. Oral presentations and our our Pitch to the Board-exercise will be delivered using our VLE. 


Digital literacy skills 

Digital literacy skills will be required for blended learning and study, however we do not foresee expectations for these skills as being more complex than in previous years, for example using Blackboard. Further College learning resources are available, for example, library or graduate school academic skills training and we will also direct you towards these.  


Cohort cohesion 

Throughout the year, we will strive to provide a rich programme that offers all that the previous blended learning programme had to offer, through varied learning exercises and tasks. We will also provide opportunities to socialise (virtually) and feel part of your cohort. 


Length of the programme 

We anticipate you will be able to complete the PG Dip programme within the one-year timescale previously advertised.  


Additional costs 

To study remotely, you will be expected to have access to a computer and to a reliable internet connection, and you will need to cover any associated costs for these. There are no other expected additional costs (beyond those previously advertised) to participate in the programme. 


Student Experience 

Your experience at Imperial goes beyond just your academic studies. With the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), Imperial has been working with your Union to ensure that we are able to provide, enhance and facilitate all areas of your student experience under all eventualities.  We identified key pillars of the wider student experience:  academic experience; research culture and environment; amenities and accommodation; student community; wellbeing support; co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities.   Information on how we will deliver these, along with information on our Library Services, considering current social distancing restrictions, as well as a full lockdown, are set out on our website


Please contact us 

Should you have any questions, please contact us and we look forward to talking to you and providing any clarification needed. I would like to also say a heartfelt thank-you for informing and collaborating with us throughout your applicant and participant journey. 

We will continue with preparing you to make the most of your virtual start with our NHS Digital Academy newsletters. We look forward to welcoming you virtually in September. 



The NHS Digital Academy Team 

PG Diploma Digital Health Leadership