We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Imperial this Autumn. 

We are writing to update you on how the College is planning to support a safe return to study and on how we intend to deliver your programme in 2021-22. 

We plan to deliver your programme through a combination of on-campus and online teaching activities (multi-mode). This means you will be required to attend the College in-person from the start of your programme, unless you can demonstrate that you have been impacted by exceptional COVID-19 related circumstances. In these circumstances you will be temporarily provided with a remote alternative of any on-campus teaching activities which you might miss (although remote teaching activities will not be timetabled to accommodate multiple time zones). You should complete this survey as soon as possible if you think you may not be able to travel to London for the start of term due to exceptional circumstances. 

It is important to recognise that, depending on official government guidance throughout the entirety of next academic year, the balance of on-campus and online teaching may be subject to change. However, we all share students’ hopes that we will be able to offer on-campus learning activities consistently throughout the coming year. 

Further details on the mix of on-campus and online activities and support available to you in your department are provided in the Delivery of your Programme of Study section of this letter. 

Institutional guarantees 


Our priority is for you to experience everything our campuses and London have to offer. However, you will be expected to adhere to the safety measures in place across the College. Further details can be found in the Safety section of this letter. 

In the event that there is an escalation of the pandemic, then, in line with Public Health Advice from the UK Government, we may be required to suspend all on-campus activity and deliver all content online. No additional fees will be charged if the programme cannot be delivered within the advertised timeframe. 

Delivery of Teaching

As a community, we have learnt a lot from this past year. Our combination of cutting-edge technology and academic excellence resulted in some new and creative ways of learning and engaging with each other on campus and remotely. Many of the changes made to the learning experience have worked well, and therefore your department may retain some of these approaches in the new academic year to enhance your overall experience on campus, and these are specified in this communication. 

Lectures may be hosted online when this method is considered to be educationally beneficial to students, and when it is clear that online mode will reduce the risk of sustained COVID-19 transmission as our community emerges from the pandemic. We will use our experience of our past academic year when deciding how best to organise your teaching. 


In the Autumn Term and at the start of the Spring Term of the 2021/22 academic year, assessments that would normally comprise on-campus written examinations will be run as timed remote assessments, irrespective of whether there are restrictions in place or not. We may continue to deliver examinations by timed remote assessments where these are deemed the most appropriate method of assessment. 


You will be required to follow the safety requirements put in place on campus and in all College buildings (including halls) to ensure we keep the campuses and the Imperial community safe and to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, particularly in our ability to deliver your degree programme and to offer you a full student experience. 

There will be requirements and expectations placed on you and other members of the College community to follow the safety measures put in place by the UK government and national and local public health authorities. You can view our current guidance for our community on our website. This may vary once we begin the academic year, but is likely to include undertaking regular testing for COVID-19 and to report the results of this testing to the College. There is also the strong expectation that you will have been vaccinated against COVID-19, or that you will take up the opportunity once in the UK, if vaccination is not available in your home country. Failure to follow the safety measures and any reporting requirements may result in restrictions being imposed on the delivery of your degree programme and on your access to the wider student experience. 

Student Experience 

Your experience at Imperial goes beyond just your academic studies. With the impact of COVID-19, Imperial has been working with your Students’ Union to ensure that we are able to provide, enhance and facilitate all areas of your student experience in all eventualities. We identified key pillars of the wider student experience: academic experience, research culture and environment, amenities and accommodation, student community, wellbeing support, co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities. Information on how we will deliver these, along with information on our Library Services, considering current and potential future restrictions, are set out on our website

Delivery of your Programme of Study 

Content of the programme 

We have reviewed the learning outcomes for your programme to ensure these can be taught and assessed in a multi-mode format. 

No changes to the programme or module learning outcomes have been made as a consequence of moving to a multi-mode format. 


We are not anticipating changing the terms of when modules will be taught or assessed. 

Programme Delivery 2021-22 

In the absence of any form of lockdown, some small-group teaching, e.g. some lectures, Q&A sessions, tutorials, laboratory sessions and project supervision will be delivered in person. In this case some in-person teaching of large groups will also be supported by providing timetabled access to teaching rooms and laboratories, possibly on a rotating basis and prioritised according to need. The extent to which in-person teaching can be supported will depend on room capacities, , timetabling constraints and the availability of teaching and support staff on campus at the time. 

You will be able to access Department and College spaces for private study, group working and social activities, subject to availability and, where necessary, the need to book your access in advance. 

All pastoral activities, such as meetings with personal tutors are likely to take place online, with some meetings in person if circumstances allow for this. 

In the event of a partial or full lockdown, all teaching will be delivered online whilst delivering the same learning outcomes. Depending on the nature of any such lockdown you may be granted access to Department and College spaces, as discussed above. 

If you are on one of our Mathematics and Computer Science programmes, you can find out about teaching delivery in the Department of Mathematics here

Support for online learning 

For the online learning activities of your programme you will be expected to be able to use on-line meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Your College IT account will provide you with free access to the Office365 suite of tools. 

Training and support for how to use other systems and software will be provided during the programme induction and through specific modules. 

Length of the programme 

We anticipate you will be able to complete the programme within the timescale previously advertised. 

Additional costs 

Because some of your teaching will be delivered remotely (multi-mode) you will be expected to have access to a computer, camera (e.g. a laptop/phone camera or webcam), microphone and a reliable internet connection and you will need to cover any associated costs for these. There are no other expected additional costs beyond those listed. 

Professional accreditation 

Any existing professional accreditation for this programme remains in place even if it is being delivered in multi-mode format for 2021-22. 


In-person activities will be delivered at the South Kensington campus. 

Visas and Immigration 

If you require a visa to study in the UK, it is important that you have read the guidance provided by the International Student Support Team at the College online

Imperial has a team of specialist immigration advisers who can provide specific advice on your immigration situation and on the best options for you. They can be reached by email on international@imperial.ac.uk . It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct immigration permission for your studies in the UK.