This webpage tells you what library services will be available to you in two scenarios:

  • under partial COVID restrictions, which allows students to be on campus whilst following guidelines including face covering, observing social distancing and good hygiene; and
  • under full COVID restrictions, which means a return to lockdown, should there be another outbreak of coronavirus. 

Print books and journals

Under partial COVID restrictions: Most of the Library’s resources are accessible online and we have significantly increased investment in ebooks. Access to our print collections may be more limited than usual due to reduced capacity and potentially reduced opening hours at some libraries.

Under full COVID restrictions: Access to our print collections will be closed.

Library managed study and computing spaces

Under partial COVID restrictions: Library study spaces will be limited due to social distancing measures and potentially reduced hours at some libraries. We may operate a booking system to manage access. We believe we will be able to maintain 30-40% of our normal capacity. Group study space will not be offered.

Under full COVID restrictions: Access to our study spaces will be closed. During closure, Library PCs can be accessed via remote desktop, allowing students to access the specialist software while not on campus.

Enquiry services

Under partial COVID restrictions: The Library team will offer a full online enquiry service during our normal staffed hours (9.00-21.00). We will offer a limited in-person enquiry service at our libraries.

Under full COVID restrictions: We will be offering a full online enquiry service during our normal staffed hours (9.00-21.00).

Library training

Under partial COVID restrictions and under full COVID restrictions: We will provide a full range of library training and support online for both groups and individuals. We are committed to making our online training engaging and interactive.

Laptop and iPad loans

Under partial COVID restrictions: There may be reduced availability of loanable iPads and laptops if we need to quarantine them after they are returned.

Under full COVID restrictions: The Library’s usual iPad and laptop loan service would not be available; however Laptops may be issued for longer-term loan to students who are in need.

Find out more about the College library services by visiting the Library website