If you are running a College event or trip and you would like attendees to take a COVID-19 test beforehand or during the trip, you can order a batch of lateral flow device tests from the College.

You will need to complete this short form to request a batch of testing kits. You will need to provide the details for a department contact who consents to being responsible to uploading each attendee’s full name and mobile telephone number to the LFD Collect system in order to comply with DHSC guidelines.

The department contact will also be responsible for informing attendees that they must report their test result to the College and to the NHS as laid out on the LFD Collect webpage

If your request is approved, the department contact will receive an email giving details of how to collect or arrange delivery of the testing kits. They will also be given access to the PowerApp, the LFD Collect online system, to input each attendee’s name and mobile phone number who is allocated a testing kit.

The kits will be delivered to you in boxes of seven. You will be responsible for separating the test elements into individual sets for distribution. Please note that you will not be able to return any unused kits once they have been issued to you.