Online Learning Innovation Group

Terms of reference

To increase strategic alignment across the College and ensure coordinated innovation in online learning and teaching, this steering group guides the process of innovation by:

  • Alignment: Align and guide efforts in online learning and teaching at College;
  • Innovation: Catalyse College-wide dialogue about how technology can enhance learning and teaching both on campus and in the ‘global classroom’;
  • Selection: Vet project proposals and assign budgets for online learning technology, including MOOCs, SPOCs and other on-campus education technology initiatives.


Reports to the Learning and Teaching Committee.

If you would like to submit a proposal for a new online course to OLIG, please fill in the OLIG Strategic Approval Form [doc].

If you would like to submit a proposal for a new initiative or project related to Innovation to OLIG, please fill in the OLIG Innovation Proposal Form‌ [doc]‌. Please refer to the Digital Learning Strategy brochure and the overview of Innovation on the Digital Learning Hub website for further information.

If you have any questions about the above forms, please contact Robyn Lowe.

To find out more about the Digital Learning Hub, please visit their webpages.

Constitution and membership


Vice-Provost (Education) as Chair; a senior representative from each Faculty nominated by the Dean; the Director of the Education Development Unit; the Director of Centre for Languages, Culture & Communication; the Director of the EdTech Lab (Business School); the Director of the Digital Learning Hub; Head of Continuing Professional Development; Senior Learning Technologist; a departmental Director of Education; a senior representative from the Quality Assurance & Enhancement Team in Registry; a Service Line Manager (Education) from ICT and the Deputy President (Education) Imperial College Union (or nominee)

Secretarial support provided by the Education Office

Membership (Academic year 2019/20)
Professor Simone Buitendijk  Vice Provost (Education) (Chair)
Leila Guerra  Business School Representative
Professor Omar Matar   Faculty of Engineering Representative
Professor Des Johnston  Faculty of Medicine Representative
Mr Martin Lupton  Faculty of Medicine Representative
Professor Emma McCoy  Faculty of Natural Sciences Representative
Professor Martyn Kingsbury  Director of the Education Development Unit
Professor Roberto Trotta  Director of the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication
Gideon Shimshon  Director of the Digital Learning Hub
Betty Yue  Head of Continuing Professional Development
Moira Sarsfield  Senior Learning Technologist (Faculty of Natural Sciences)
Shireen Lock  Senior Learning Technologist (Faculty of Engineering)
Professor Helen Ward  Departmental Director of Education (School of Public Health)
Men-Yeut Wong  Registry QA Team Representative
Mike Horner  Service Line Manager (Education), ICT
Ashley Brooks  Deputy President (Education) for Imperial College Union


Meeting dates and deadlines

Committee dates (Academic year 2019/20)Submission deadlines (Academic year 2019/20)
11 September 2019 02 September 2019
17 October 2019 07 October 2019
27 November 2019 18 November 2019
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