This section of the catalogue lists sources of data and statistics providing an overview of the College’s performance. Please note that the catalogue does not list information that is only available within a specific team or department.

Asterisks (*) indicate internally secured information; new staff will need to request access to this information (details of who to contact to request access are given, where applicable).

College Overview

Comparisons to other UK Higher Education Institutions (on the College website)*

Information on how the College compares to key comparator institutions and Russell Group and sector averages based on Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data is available on the Comparator Statistics webpages. This includes comparisons on research grants and contracts income, undergraduate student degree classifications, staff:student ratio, expenditure per student FTE, and student domicile. Please contact the Strategic Planning Division for any queries.

The Comparator Statistics webpages are available to College staff members only.

League table results (on the College website)

A summary of the College’s league table results is available on the League Tables webpages, and more detailed information is available on the Strategic Planning webpages. Please contact the Strategic Planning Division for any queries.

The League Table webpages are available to all College members, as well as to the public.

Strategy Metrics (ICA)*

The Strategy Metrics dashboard in ICA provides an overview of the College's progress against key strategic questions aligned to the College's mission. The dashboard is available to members of the President’s and Provost’s Boards.  Please contact the Strategic Planning Division for queries.

Staff with access can Login to ICA