The Imperial College London- University of São Paulo Energy Transition & Climate Change Fellowship Programme - Call Opens

Building on the world-leading energy research and commitments to decarbonisation at Imperial College London and University of University of São Paulo (USP), the two institutions are launching the Imperial College London- University of São Paulo Energy Transition & Climate Change Fellowship Programme.

The programme will support the exchange of academics for short, three-month sabbaticals to undertake research around the broad theme of “energy transition for a healthy, sustainable future”. All disciplinary approaches to this theme are invited. The programme will enable research advancements in the field, drawing on each institution’s unique strengths and capabilities and offering participants exposure to their respective labs and new training environments.

Aligning with the priorities of the 2024 G20 Summit in Brazil, the Energy Transition Fellowship Programme will enhance dialogue between universities and policymakers and support evidence-based policy for the global sustainable energy transition. Proposals must demonstrate how the research conducted during the exchange will be used to inform policy at the national and international levels and at relevant international meetings including the Brazilian-hosted G20 in 2024 and COP30 in 2025.

Successful participants will be required to develop a set of policy recommendations based on the research conducted.  The College’s Policy Forum and International Relations Office will support the process of disseminating and communicating policy recommendations through relevant national and international channels.


Eligibility and Areas

1. Eligibility: Eligibility to submit proposals and for exchange within the scope of this Call: Full-time members of academic or research staff at Imperial College London.

  • Only one application per researcher will be accepted.
  • It will be assumed that applicants will have received any necessary approval, both at Imperial and USP, to undertake the proposed activity.

2. Fields of Knowledge:

This Call for Proposals invites research proposals in any field of research aligning with the theme of “energy transition for a healthy, sustainable future” at Imperial.


Duration and TImeline

1. Duration of the exchange of researchers:

Exchanges must be at least one month and no longer than three months in duration and must be completed by July 31, 2024. This period is non-extendable.

2. Timeline:

Call announced by Imperial College London and USP

04 December 2023

Closing date for submission of proposals

05 February 2024

Successful proposals notified after

30 January 2024

Principles and characteristics

  1. Funding principles 
  • Imperial College London will provide funding of up to £5,500 per proposal for the duration of the exchange to cover research-related mobility expenses.
  • Imperial College London will fund a maximum of five (5) approved proposals.

2. Proposal characteristics for Imperial College London researchers 

All applicants must submit the following: 

  • A research exchange proposal having a maximum of five (5) pages of scientific and policy content, written in English. The proposal must include the individual items listed in item 6.3 below.
  • The proposal must include the following individual items:
    • A description of the activities to be undertaken during the exchange, emphasising their relevance. The proposal must state clearly how these activities are aligned with this call’s theme and how they will contribute to informing evidence-based policy in this area;
    • Detailed schedule of the exchange;
    • Foreseen actions that will add to the impact of the exchange for Imperial College London and for USP,.;
    • Description of how this exchange will contribute to enhanced linkages between Imperial College London and USP and foster competitiveness for future UK-Brazil funding opportunities.
  • Successful applicants will be required to translate the latest research in the field, including that advanced during the exchange, into a set of policy recommendations directed at global policymakers in the context of the 2024 G20 Summit in Brazil. Support will be available to assist with this stage.

Submission and result

  1. Submissions of proposals to Imperial College London 

All application material must be submitted to Please note that only applications submitted to this email address (and not that of the named contact) will be considered

2. Result of the analysis 

  • The selection process will be as follows:
  • All eligible applications will be considered for funding by the Cross-College Research Proposal Review Group. The Group will rank the proposals based on excellence of research, fit to call, level of policy influence, and potential strategic value of the international partnership (including potential for opportunity to leverage overseas funding).
  • Imperial applicants will be informed of the results via email as soon as possible after the review. A formal letter confirming the outcomes will then be sent electronically to the applicant;
  • Final results will be announced by means of a communication to the interested PIs at Imperial via email.

3. Contract for selected projects by Imperial College London:

  • Selected proposals will be subject to conditions set forth in the letter of award.
  • Upon notification of award, Imperial will initiate the Letter of Agreement with USP.




Grant cancellation

Imperial College London may cancel funding if, during the grant timeframe, a significant event justifies its cancellation in the assessment of the Joint Steering Committee, without prejudice of any other appropriate actions.  

Information about this Call

All questions from Imperial College London researchers related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to the International Relations Office at