At the time of the 2017 Fellowship announcement, 85 members of Imperial staff, or individuals who have an ongoing association with Imperial, are Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences Accordion

Department of Chemistry

  • Professor Anthony G.M. Barrett

Department of Computing

  • Professor Daniel Rueckert

Institute of Clinical Sciences

  • Professor Timothy J.Aitman
  • Professor Amanda Fisher
  • Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga
  • Professor Dominic Withers

School of Public Health

  • Professor Sir Roy Anderson
  • Professor Deborah Ashby
  • Professor Paul Elliott
  • Professor Majid Ezzati
  • Professor Neil Ferguson
  • Professor Philippe Froguel
  • Professor Azra Ghani
  • Emeritus Professor Sir Brian Jarman
  • Professor Elio Riboli
  • Professor Brian G. Spratt

Department of Medicine

  • Professor Jane Apperley
  • Professor Charles Bangham
  • Professor Wendy Barclay
  • Professor Stephen R. Bloom
  • Professor Marina Botto
  • Professor David J. Brooks
  • Professor Jonathan Cohen
  • Professor Terry Cook
  • Professor Paul Farrell
  • Professor Ten Feizi
  • Professor Jonathan Friedland
  • Professor Raymond Hill
  • Professor David W. Holden
  • Professor Alison Holmes
  • Professor Desmond G. Johnston
  • Professor J Simon Kroll
  • Emeritus Professor Michael Levin
  • Professor John MacDermot
  • Professor David John DM Nutt
  • Professor Charles D. Pusey
  • Professor Gavin Screaton
  • Professor Robin Shattock
  • Professor Elizabeth Simpson
  • Professor Peter J. Tyrer
  • Professor John Warner
  • Professor Jonathan N. Weber
  • Professor Robert Wilkinson
  • Professor Graham Williams
  • Professor Thomas Williams

Department of Life Sciences

  • Professor Anne Dell
  • Professor Nicholas Franks
  • Professor Robert Sinden
  • Professor William Wisden

National Heart and Lung Institute

  • Professor Eric Alton
  • Professor Gianni Angelini
  • Professor Peter J. Barnes
  • rofessor Maria Belvisi
  • Professor Peter Burney
  • Professor William Cookson
  • Professor Timothy W. Evans
  • Emeritus Professor Malcolm Green
  • Professor Dorian Haskard
  • Professor Sebastian Johnston
  • Emeritus Professor A. Barry Kay
  • Professor Jaspal S Kooner
  • Professor Ajit Lalvani
  • Professor Peter J.M. Openshaw
  • Professor Dudley Pennell
  • Professor Neil Poulter
  • Professor Nadia Rosenthal
  • Professor Michael Schneider
  • Professor James Scott
  • Professor Tim Williams
  • Professor Sir Magdi H. Yacoub

Department of Surgery and Cancer

  • Professor Eric Aboagye
  • Professor Phillip Bennett
  • Professor Charles Coombes
  • Professor Lord Ara Darzi
  • Professor Stephen Franks
  • Professor Elaine Holmes
  • Professor Ilpo Huhtaniemi
  • Professor Mervyn Maze
  • Professor Jeremy Nicholson
  • Professor Malcolm Parker
  • Professor Michael Seckl
  • Sir Richard Sykes

Department of Humanities

  • Professor Lord Robert M.L. Winston

Faculty of Medicine Centre

  • Professor Clare Lloyd
  • Professor Sir Ravinder N. Maini
  • Professor Paul Matthews
  • Professor Anthony J. Newman Taylor
  • Professor Gavin Screaton
  • Emeritus Professor Julian Whitehouse

College Headquarters

  • Professor Sir Leszek Krzysztof Borysiewicz