Silwood Manor House
Silwood Manor House

The Non-Core Property portfolio consists of  around 120 operational and developmental properties which College have determined are not core to the academic mission. This means that they could be sold, in extremis, without any detrimental impact to the educational or research activities of the College. In line with the Endowment’s objectives, these properties are managed with a purely investment focus.

 The Non-Core Property portfolio includes assets in London and Silwood Park; it also incorporates the entire campus of the former Wye College. The portfolio is sub-divided into operational and developmental assets:

  1. Operational - these are mature property assets, with secure income streams (from tenants) and where there is little scope to add further value i.e. they have an optimal planning status.
  2. Developmental - these are assets which are being actively developed or where the intention is to develop them in the future. These assets are managed on a project by project basis and the decision to embark on development of these assets (i.e. a conversion/refurbishment/planning application) is only taken when the forecasted returns are in line with, or exceed, the target investment returns of the Endowment.

From time to time, the College is gifted property by generous donors; this process is also managed by the non-core property team in line with the wishes of the individual benefactor.

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