Refreshing Imperial's Vision and Strategy

Imperial is ranked amongst the world's best universities and there is a clear ambition to strengthen our position within this top tier and to maximise Imperial’s potential as a force for good in our world. The purpose of our refreshed strategy will be: 

  • To capture our vision and ambition for Imperial in 10-20 years time
  • To establish a roadmap to guide our decision-making and investments
  • To inspire others to join us, partner with us and invest in us. 

Due to the recent shifts in our world and the challenging external environment, it is an opportune time to take a fresh look at Imperial’s vision. Our strategy needs to address all of the key issues facing the sector today. Imperial’s fundamentals to build upon are very strong, including our fantastic, staff, students, alumni and friends and together we will:

  • build on our strengths and differentiators  
  • identify and grasp new opportunities early 
  • diversify our income streams and deploy our resources wisely 
  • partner strategically
  • strengthen our global brand. 

The new Strategy will be to split into three pillars:  

  • Our academic mission: This will describe our approach to research and enterprise; education and student experience; and civic, societal and global engagement. 
  • Our enablers: This will describe how our digital and physical presences will help Imperial to succeed, and how our approach to our finances. 
  • Cross cutting themes: This will describe the core things we need across all our work, including how we empower and inspire our people, promote a strong international brand, protect our sustainability, and plan our best size and shape.  

Across these pillars will be new statements on our vision and ambition, backed with clear implementation plans and metrics.  

The process

Our new University Management Board started the strategy discussions during a two-day residential in early September and Professor Hugh Brady annouced the new strategy development at his inaugural President's Address on Tuesday 11 October 2022.

A Strategy Steering Group and Strategy Working Group have been established to facilitate the development of the strategy. 

Phase I 

Three workstreams will review the academic mission via consultation through existing College structures:

  • Research and Enterprise 
  • Education and Student Experience
  • Civic, Societal and Global Engagement

The strategic enablers and cross cutting themes of our mission will also be reviewed with a view to implementing the new strategy:


  • Digital
  • Physical
  • Financial

Cross cutting themes:

  • People
  • Brand
  • Academic Operations 
  • Sustainability 

Phase II 

  • Strategy Green Paper will be drafted building on the ideas of the workstreams. The Green Paper is a preliminary document intended to stimulate discussion and to form the basis for a wider consultation on the strategy. 
  • We will be seeking views from our entire community and the views of external stakeholders to contribute to the long term vision of the College.   

Phase III 

  • Following the tailored consultation, a draft strategy will be produced and shared for a second consultation with the community and external stakeholders.
  • The strategy will be finalised and launched at the President's Address in October 2023. 

The full timeline can be viewed here.