Strategy Steering Group 

A Strategy Steering Group has been established to facilitate the development of the Strategy through monitoring progress against milestones and targets.


  • Hugh Brady, President
  • Maggie Dallman, Associate Provost (Academic Partnerships), Vice President (International)
  • Malcolm Edwards, Director of Strategic Planning
  • Peter Haynes, Vice Provost (Education and Student Experience)
  • Robert Kerse, Incoming Chief Operating Officer
  • Mary Ryan, Vice Provost (Research and Enterprise)
  • Ian Walmsley, Provost
  • Amanda Wolthuizen, Chief of Staff to the President and Director of Public Affairs


Strategy Working Group

The Strategy Working Group will support and co-ordinate activities of the workstreams and enablers, and engagement with the College community and external stakeholders.


  • Lizzie Burrows, Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions  
  • Kathryn Charlesworth, Operations and Projects Officer, President's Office 
  • Lynne Cox, Director of Research Office 
  • Michael Haig, Deputy Director of Communications - Internal Communications
  • Simon Hepworth, Director of Enterprise  
  • Monika Hockenhull, Executive Officer to the Provost 
  • Richard Martin, Director of Academic Services
  • Michael McTernan, Head of the International Relations Office 
  • Michael Murphy, Vice President (Advancement)
  • Zoe Paxton, Director of Communications
  • Emily Roche, Executive Officer to the Vice Provost (Research and Enterprise)
  • Anna Shierson, Associate Director of Strategic Planning  
  • Hailey Smith, Head of Strategic Projects and Operations, Education Office
  • Amanda Wolthuizen, Chief of Staff to the President and Director of Public Affairs
  • Hayley Wong, Imperial College Union President