Dear Colleagues, 

I am honoured to announce a new partnership between Imperial and Community Jameel. We are founding the Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics, or J-IDEA. This transformative collaboration will amplify the impact of Imperial’s research where it is needed most.

Together we will create practical, effective ways to improve global health and wellbeing. J-IDEA will develop data-driven solutions for both infectious and chronic diseases. These solutions will address health emergencies such as epidemics, as well as longer-term priorities in combatting disease and improving health everywhere.

Community Jameel helps communities transform themselves. They have a long and successful tradition of improving healthcare, education and livelihoods throughout the world: values that resonate with our goals for J-IDEA.

J-IDEA will be an integral part of our School of Public Health and essential to our mission to transform health and wellbeing. It will be led by Professor Neil Ferguson, a world-leading epidemiologist. He will be joined by some of Imperial’s most talented researchers in one of the top Schools of Public Health in the world. They are the people who policymakers turn to when an epidemic or other health crisis strikes. They are helping people lead healthy and productive lives, creating new futures for our children, and anticipating and mitigating future threats to population health.

Our School of Public Health benefits from being embedded in our excellent Faculty of Medicine and from close collaboration with the Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the Business School. 

Now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to transform Public Health in a new building on the White City Campus where collaboration across disciplines and across sectors is a reality. Being just ten minutes from our centre of medical research and clinical trials at Hammersmith Hospital and part of a community of chemists, engineers, physicists, entrepreneurs and medics, will help us to shape Public Health into a multidisciplinary, data-driven way of working, collaborating with the local community, governments and people around the world.  

We know that the poorest neighbourhoods carry the highest burden of health problems and, as we open our doors to the White City community, we believe that we will be able to make progress on the huge challenge of health inequality – here at our doorstep and across the globe. We will bring what we learn around the world into White City, and take what we learn here to the rest of the world. We will address crises that are visible and urgent, as well as those crises that are invisible and arising day-to-day in people living tough lives.

Achieving this wouldn’t be possible without the generous philanthropic support and ambitious vision of our partners in Community Jameel.

A short film explains the mission behind J-IDEA. You can read more about the Institute on our website

My thanks to the many colleagues throughout the College who helped make this happen, and congratulations to J-IDEA's first director, Professor Neil Ferguson. 

Best wishes,



Professor Alice P. Gast

President, Imperial College London