Dear colleagues,

We understand the intensity of feeling around the very challenging and sensitive issue of pensions. In the past week, we have received emails and petitions from many of you expressing anger and frustration, including some which have been critical of the College’s leadership.

We cannot avoid the need to find a sustainable solution to the provision of pensions and we welcome and support UUK’s offer to return to talks with UCU this week; however, whatever the outcome of these national discussions we will work on overall staff remuneration, where we have more control as a university.

We affirm our position that Imperial College is committed to offering staff a pay and benefits package that is equitable, fair and appropriately reflects the College’s standing as a world leading University.

Thus, we are writing to tell you that as we prepare for our annual review of pay and benefits which starts in April, we will immediately start a wider consultation across all staff. In light of the proposed changes to the USS, our review will look carefully at the balance between investments in people and in facilities as we plan total pay and benefits packages for our staff for the coming years. We welcome your thoughts on this.

We are proud to work at Imperial, we are proud of our dedicated and talented colleagues, and we recognise that it is your contribution that makes Imperial a world leading organisation. We are committed to working with you to find an appropriate local response to this complex and challenging national issue.

Best wishes
Alice and James

Professor Alice P. Gast
Imperial College London

Professor James Stirling
Imperial College London