Dear colleagues,

As we come to the close of an extraordinary year, we wanted to thank you for your hard work and to wish you a restful break.

It has been a very challenging time, and you have risen to every one of the challenges thrown at you. As a consequence, we have much to celebrate. Your achievements have been remarkable: it was not at all clear in March how we would deliver our mission in light of the rapid and massive changes arising from the pandemic. 

In the face of this upheaval, our education teams have led the way in new teaching innovations, our researchers have played a critical role in all aspects of the response to the pandemic and our support staff have kept the College running as smoothly as possible. For all of this we are extremely grateful. There have been missteps and mistakes as well as successes. We can and will learn from those also.

2021 will bring new challenges and opportunities but if 2020 has shown us anything it’s that by working together and facing challenges we will adapt and innovate and come out as a stronger institution. 

On the 1 January 2021 the UK will formally leave the European Union. Since the referendum we have been unwavering in our commitment that ‘Imperial is, and will remain, a European university.’ We have grown our collaborations, campaigned tirelessly on behalf of our EU staff and students, and been steadfast in our commitment to the future of European research. We have well-developed contingency plans in place to manage any disruption and urge you to continue visiting our Imperial and EU webpages for updates.

As we head into the College closure, we especially thank those who will be working to support our students and maintain our campuses. We will make sure they have a break as well. We hope that all who can, will take the time to rest and recharge.

We wish everyone a happy holiday and a wonderful new year.

Best wishes,

Alice and Ian

Professor Alice P. Gast, President

Professor Ian Walmsley, Provost