Dear Colleagues, 

We hope that you are well and enjoying more opportunities to exercise and communicate as the public health advice suggests. We realise that we must proceed carefully and thoughtfully as we are able to move around more, and we continue to follow the advice of Public Health England and the UK Government.  We are continually inspired by the dedication, spirit and effectiveness of our community working remotely and admire your resilience as we all continue to deliver and support the College’s mission.    

As we mentioned in our message on 20 May, we are focusing considerable effort on connecting with students and offer holders to ensure that they are doing well, and together with the Vice-Deans (Education), Departments, and all staff across the College we are working on defining the high-quality student experience they can expect in the Autumn.  

We are planning to begin term on schedule in the Autumn. The health and safety of our staff and students is our highest priority. While many may still be required to work remotely, we are committed to offering an exemplary educational experience to our students combining both in-person and online learning.  

We have an outstanding team building on our ambitious programme of digital education to develop the very best offerings for the next academic year, led by Emma McCoy and Omar Matar.  

In the Autumn term we will combine on-campus learning and assessment, including laboratory work, with the benefits of remote learning and assessment.  As the only university in the UK exclusively teaching science, engineering, medicine, and business, we are uniquely placed to offer this approach across a wide range of programmes. At all times we will ensure we meet social distancing guidelines. 

This means that all students will be able to pursue learning opportunities, laboratory work or practical sessions either on-campus or remotely. Our ‘multi-mode’ plan positions us well to provide an excellent education even if the circumstances were to change and we would need to take further measures to help prevent another virus outbreak. Emma and Omar will shortly send you a more detailed description of our offer. 

This is a unique time in our university’s history.  The world has seen the importance of our research in helping manage the crisis, and it is clear that our graduates, with the right knowledge and skills, will be important contributors to global renewal after it. We know that our dedicated staff and talented students will have the formative and enriching experiences that characterise a university and we will all gain a deeper appreciation for the personal interactions we are able to have in our warm community. 


Alice and Ian 


Professor Alice P. Gast, President

Professor Ian Walmsley, Provost