Dear colleagues,

We appreciate the uncertainty that many of you will be feeling after last week’s vote by the UK to leave the European Union. Many have been concerned over potential changes to people’s right to work here. Since last Friday, our HR team has been working hard with our employment lawyers to clarify the situation and determine what we can do to help.

Importantly, there will be no immediate changes to the UK’s immigration policies, including for European citizens already living in the UK. The rights of employees from Europe to live and work in the UK stay as they are. Nothing is going to change in the near term.

Many of you who are citizens of countries in the European Union might want to consider the option of applying to the Home Office for Permanent Residency. This is potentially available to anyone who has been living in the UK continuously for 5 years and is also a necessary step if you wish to apply for British Citizenship.

Those of you who have been living in the UK for less than 5 years should consider applying for a Registration Certificate. This will provide evidence of your period of stay and, depending on future legislative changes, may assist with a successful application for Permanent Residency.

We have hired immigration specialists to help you think through the options and to help you and your families apply, if you are eligible and wish to do so. Presentation and surgery dates will be announced shortly for those who wish to have more information, and European staff will be emailed directly once dates are confirmed.

We have created a new dedicated webpage, which now includes FAQs about the impact of the referendum outcome on our staff and student community.

We will be updating it regularly as more information becomes available.

Thank you for all you do to support the College. We are committed to supporting you in return.

Best wishes,

Alice Gast


Imperial College London