Dear all, 

Since the publication of the History Group’s report in October, hundreds of staff, students and alumni have shared their views on its findings and recommendations. We want to thank you for your input to these important discussions. All this feedback will inform President’s Board as it deliberates and decides the next steps we shall take as a College. 

We recognise that these are complex issues, and that there are many divergent and deeply held views among our community. Through frank and open discussion, our community has been able to listen and learn from these different experiences of the College’s legacy. 

Universities exist to confront difficult questions. Upholding the ideal of informed debate and decision-making around challenging issues is one of the primary values of our institution. Engaging openly and respectfully about ideas and how they impact us individually and collectively will lead to a richer understanding for us all. 

We will update you at the end of February, following the meeting of President’s Board. We greatly appreciate the time, effort and thought that you have put into helping the College reflect on these issues and how they impact our community. Thank you. 

Best wishes, 


Professor Alice Gast, President 

Professor Ian Walmsley, Provost