Dear Colleagues

I am writing to let you know that I need to step back from day to day and public activities for some months to look after myself while I receive treatment for cancer.  My doctors believe that my prognosis is good although this will require surgery and chemotherapy. 

As my right-hand, our Provost Ian will deputise for me at a number of functions and activities aided by our able Vice Provosts Emma and Mary and our outstanding Deans.  Thanks to our facility with remote working, I will be there for our leadership team and actively involved throughout in key decisions and strategic matters.  I will also keep in close contact with our Chair, John Allan and my successor Hugh Brady to assist with the upcoming transition and be available for others as needed.

I look forward to being back in full force soon and to seeing many of you as and when I am able.  Thank you for your support of Imperial’s outstanding leadership team.

Best regards


Professor Alice Gast, President