Dear Colleagues,

We last wrote to you on the 20th April with our response to the result of the UCU ballot to accept the ACAS proposal for a Joint Expert Panel (JEP). Since then UCU and UUK have been working to appoint an independent Chair and nominate their panellists. We wanted to update you on recent action we have taken to support the development of the JEP and on progress with our own Pay and Benefits Review.

Joint Expert Panel

Last week we wrote to the Chair of the USS Trustee, Professor Sir David Eastwood, urging him to give the JEP the time and independence it needs to complete its work in a legitimate and transparent way. We have also stressed that the JEP must be constituted with members having the technical expertise necessary to fully explore and evaluate USS valuations and methodologies. We have nominated a number of our own academic experts to be members of the JEP and, as we have said previously, we will fully support any successful candidates and also those who wish to contribute evidence.

Pay and Benefits Review

We received a high volume of responses to the College Pay and Benefits Review and these have now been reviewed and collated. On Friday 27 February, Provost's Board, with the President in attendance, was provided with a document drawing together the themes and issues arising from the consultation. A summary of the Board’s discussions and decisions is available here . Further input and advice was obtained from a discussion at the Heads of Department lunch on Tuesday 1 May.

We are expecting further information on the membership and work of the JEP from UCU and UUK in the coming week and we will continue to keep you updated. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Best wishes

Alice and James

Professor Alice Gast, President, Imperial College London

Professor James Stirling, Provost, Imperial College London