Student support and wellbeing is important to us.  During this academic year, working in partnership with Imperial College Union, we have created a student support strategy and identified some priority areas for improvement.  We are now consulting on the strategy and want you to have your say.  All students and members of staff are very welcome to comment, particularly if you feel we have missed something out.  You can read the draft strategy here and leave your comments via the links below.  You can also express interest in being directly involved in any of the actions that we take forward.  The consultation will remain open until 28 September 2018.

Following this consultation and once all responses have been considered, a second draft will be presented to Provost’s Board.  If approved, we will begin working through the actions, creating project plans and setting timeframes.  We will need to have further discussions, particularly with students, as we refine our activities so there will be plenty of opportunities for further input as we progress.