The aim of this SIG is to bring together colleagues from across the College to facilitate the sharing of good practice, resources and innovative ideas for supporting student transition and progression. It will consider transition and progression in the broad sense from school to university, across years, into post-graduate studies, and into employment. These different domains of transition will allow this SIG to have a wider appeal to different stakeholders in the Imperial community.

Transition into higher education degrees, whether UG or PG, is a time of challenge for students and encompassing many areas such as academic and social integration, transferable skills development (including academic, technical and metacognition), student identity, disciplinary and professional identity. This SIG aims to create a forum where colleagues from diverse groups, including teachers, under/postgraduate liaison officers, academic support units, graduate school, careers service and the student union, can collectively contribute to a dialogue around transitions. We aim to bridge knowledge gaps by utilising institutional expertise to assist departments and others in promoting and supporting transition-related activities and initiatives. To address the multifaceted nature of transition and progression, each SIG meeting will focus on a specific theme, such as admissions, skills development, induction and continuing support for the undergraduate academic journey, supporting Imperial and non-Imperial postgraduate transitions, etc. We recognise the importance for in-depth discussions and propose a meeting format that includes panel discussions, presentations from different departments and services, and World Café-style engagement to encourage diverse perspectives. Such diverse formats will allow for a more thorough exploration of ideas and practices, fostering an environment where good practices can be shared and adapted.

If you are interested in joining this SIG, please contact the facilitators: Tiffany Chiu, Magda Charalambous, Jackie Bell and/or Jon Fenton.