We are funding projects which pursue the goals of the Learning and Teaching Strategy and enable experimentation in novel, digitally driven models of education and associated pedagogical approaches, to enhance the delivery of our education and an inclusive student experience.

On this page you can read about the projects that have that have been funded under the Pedagogy Transformation and Digital Innovation routes via the Sepetember 2021 call.

1st set of entries

image of staff member providing feedback

Changing Feedback Culture with Reflective E-Portfolios

Utilising existing online tools to help students and tutors to engage in iterative feedback processes that promote action and continuous dialogue.

Project Leads: Magda Charalambous, Moira Sarsfield, Kate Ippolito

Lead Departments: Life Sciences, CHERS, FoNS EdTech Lab

Duration: 1 year

Fund: Pedagogy Transformation Fund

image of a digital assessment

Anatomy of Assessment

Facilitating change in assessment practices by creating an online platform focusing on demonstrating both traditional and innovative disciplinary assessment from across faculties and departments. The platform will provide perspectives from different stakeholders involved in assessment design, delivery and marking.

Project Leads: Dr Monika Pazio, Dr Vijay Tymms

Lead Departments: CHERS, Physics

Duration: 1 year

Fund: Pedagogy Transformation Fund

2nd set of entries

image of student in VR headset

ViRSE - Virtual Reality for Student Education

Developing and implementing a virtual reality (VR) software system for Imperial that simplifies the production and deployment of particular applications, using expertise, concepts, and technical solutions developed in pilot projects.

Project Leads: Dr Mark Sutton, Professor Omar Matar, Dr Lorenzo Picinali, Irene Kalkanis

Lead Department: Earth Science and Engineering

Duration: 2 years

Fund: Digital Innovation Fund

image of students working together

Better Analytics for a Better World

Encouraging MSc Business Analytics students to hone their skills and solve analytics-related problems of non-profit organizations during their degree program under the supervision of PhD and post-doctoral students.

Project Leads: Associate Professor Sven Mikolon, Professor Wolfram Wiesemann

Lead Departments: Business School and Department of Computing

Duration: 1 year

Fund: Pedagogy Transformation Fund

3rd set of entries

Students completing online work

Elevating Automated Mathematics Feedback

Producing an innovative digital platform that can be used to provide personalized automated feedback on mathematical questions to improve the quality, quantity, and timeliness of such feedback.

Project Leads: Dr. Peter Johnson, Dr. Phil Ramsden

Lead Department: Mechanical Engineering

Duration: 3 years, subject to yearly renewal meetings

Fund: Digital Innovation Fund

student in lab with VR headset on

Exploring XR in Higher Education

We have brought together five bids from Medicine and the Digital Media Lab, which will explore the potential of AR, VR and XR in enhancing learning and teaching. The Faculty of Medicine will collaborate with the DML to produce outputs such as: 360 video VR simulation of emergency medicine scenarios, XR experiences that support student ‘transitions’ from school to university to the workplace, mixed reality experiences for medical students that incorporate haptic feedback.

Project Leads: Daniel Mitelpunkt, Helen McKenna, Adrian Cowell, Nikos Mexis, Risheka Walls, Lisa Carrier, Kirsten Dalrymple, Samantha Gallivan, Fernando Bello

Lead Departments: Faculty of Medicine, DML, IETL

Duration: 3 years

Fund: Digital Innovation Fund

4th set of entries

Image of analytics

Furthering our Learning Analytics Capabilities

We have brought together three bids related to Learning Analytics. This programme of work will further the College’s Learning Analytics capabilities, establishing frameworks around data access and use, configuring core-college data streams for on campus and blended descriptive analytics, and furthering work on online interaction behavioural analytics.

Project Leads: Helen Walkey, Camille Kandiko Howson, Moira Sarsfield, Shireen Lock, Katherine Collet, Karlie O’Hara

Lead Departments: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College Business School, CHERS

Duration: 3 years

Fund: Digital Innovation Fund

Students working in computer room

ReCoDE - Research Computing and Data Science Exemplars

Developing students’ research software and data science skills. Postgraduate students will work with expert research software engineers to develop project exemplars for the student community, based on their own research. Through ReCoDE, students will have access to documented and annotated exemplars that facilitate efficient learning.

Project Leads: Dr Katerina Michalickova, Dr John Pinney, Dr Christopher Cooling, Dr Jianliang Liam Gao, Dr Jeremy Cohen, Dr Diego Alonso Álvarez

Lead Departments: Graduate School, Department of Computing, Research Computing Service

Duration: Pilot project

Fund: Pedagogy Transformation Fund