FoE projects 1st set

Digital education image

Cross-Faculty digital transformation

Increasing the capacity and capabilities of the Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences in order to support the introduction of digitally-enhanced teaching and learning.

Project Leads: Professor Omar Matar, Professor Emma McCoy, Dr Phil Ramsden, Dr Kristel Fobelets, Moira Sarsfield and Shireen Lock.

Investment: £4,616,000

Duration: 5 years

Student writing maths on a white board

Cross-College Mathematics pilot

Exploring opportunities to work across Faculties to identify significant overlaps in Mathematics content and develop a common approach.

Project Lead: Professor Emma McCoy, Phil Power, Dr Phil Ramsden, Sam Brzezicki

Investment: £71,000

Duration: 6 months

Klaus Hellgardt teaching

Using Jupyter notebooks in lectures

Replacing static lecture notes with interactive Jupyter notebooks, which will provide the students with the freedom to manipulate data.

Project Lead: Dr Peter DiMaggio, Professor Klaus Hellgardt & Dr James Campbell

Department: Chemical Engineering

Investment: £43,000

Duration: 1 year

FoE projects 2nd set

Gerard Gorman teaching

Flipped classroom and automated assessment

Working collaboratively across College to develop a  shared repository  of  programming exercises using Python and Jupyter notebooks, incorporating automated assessment.

Project Lead: Dr Gerard Gorman

Department: Earth Science & Engineering

Investment: £104,225

Duration: 2 years

VR technology being used to teach Chemical Engineering

Using VR to teach Fluid Mechanics

Developing an interactive, multimodal environment for the exploration of 3D phenomena in mechanics-based modules.

Project Lead: Professor Omar Matar

Department: Chemical Engineering

Investment: £225,000

Duration: 1.5years


Dyson visualisation and collaboration platform

Transforming modules by developing a digital platform where projects can be proposed, discovered, developed, submitted, and showcased.

Project Lead: Dr Stephen Green & Dr Freddie Page

Department: Dyson School of Design Engineering

Investment: £504,000

Duration: 4 years