FoM projects 1st set

Martin Lupton

Faculty of Medicine teaching transformation

Developing forms of student-centred learning that emphasise students’ insight into their own progress, self-efficacy and resilience, and independent learning with online and blended materials.

Project Lead: Martin Lupton

Investment: £3,514,776

Duration: 2 years

Sonia Kumar

MBBS social accountability

Taking a systematic approach to embedding social accountability within the undergraduate primary care curriculum, enabling student interaction with and positive impact on the local community.

Project Lead: Dr Sonia Kumar, Dr Arti Maini, Jo Horsburgh

Department: Primary Care and  Public Health

Investment: £240,000

Duration: 4 years

Mike Emerson

MBBS academic coaching

Improving medical students’ performance and skills through academic coaching.

Project Lead: Dr Mike Emerson, Dr Arti Maini

Department: School of Medicine

Investment: £247,310

Duration: 1 year