FoNS projects 1st set

Digital education image

Cross-Faculty digital transformation

Increasing the capacity and capabilities of the Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences in order to support the introduction of digitally-enhanced teaching and learning.

Project Leads: Professor Omar Matar, Professor Emma McCoy, Dr Phil Ramsden, Dr Kristel Fobelets, Moira Sarsfield and Shireen Lock.

Investment: £4,616,000

Duration: 5 years

Student writing maths on a white board

Cross-College Mathematics pilot

Exploring opportunities to work across Faculties to identify significant overlaps in Mathematics content and develop a common approach.

Project Lead: Professor Emma McCoy, Phil Power, Dr Phil Ramsden, Sam Brzezicki

Investment: £71,000

Duration: 6 months

Kevin Buzzard teaching

Can computers do our marking?

First-year undergraduates  learn a  new  programming  language  (Lean)  which  is  powerful  enough  to  understand  and  verify  mathematical  theorems  and proofs, providing fine grained, timely, dialogic feedback.

Project Lead: Professor Kevin Buzzard

Department: Maths

Investment: £49,000

Duration: 18 months

FoNS projects 2nd set

Data Science Institute visualisation

Developing Data Science modules

Meeting the growing demand for courses and degree programs in Data Science.

Project Lead: Dr Seth Flaxman, Dr Marina Evangelou,, Professor Niall Adams, Professor Yike Guo

Department: Maths/Data Science Institute

Investment: £233,000

Duration: 3 years

Student using a computer for scientific modelling

Scientific Computing – A platform for interactive learning

Developing a platform for the efficient and effective  acquisition  of  literacy  and  mastery  in  scientific  computing  by  providing  an  active  and  interactive learning and teaching environment.

Project Lead: Professor Peter Schmid

Department: Maths

Investment: £285,000

Duration: 5 years

Chef and a chemistry student

Chemical Kitchen

Chemistry students will take part in an innovative module that mixes lab skills with those needed in high-end gastronomy - the Chemical Kitchen.

Project Lead:  Professor Roger Kneebone & Professor Alan Spivey

Department: Chemistry

Investment: £335,000

Duration: 3 years