This month we'll be hearing from Stephen Green, Freddie Page, Sharon Smith and Liz Chiu.

Stephen Green and Freddie Page from the Dyson School of Design Engineering will introduce the work they’ve carried out in collaboration with CHERS on a digital platform to support various aspects of Project Based Learning.  The Visualisation and Collaboration Platform (VCP) streamlines and makes functions ‘visible’ including: project selection and team forming, peer review and assessment, synchronous multi-tutor assessments of student presentations and visibility of project archives.  To-date the work has been piloted with various modules in the Dyson School and within the I-Explore Multidisciplinary Project module.  The team are keen to further explore applications in Project Based Learning across the College.

Sharon Smith and Liz Chiu will be talking about their work at the Centre for Academic English building new opportunities for developing fluency and oracy online. They are looking at ways to harness Microsoft 365 apps to match the needs of different learner types and explore how student interaction can be improved in the online environment.