Professor Simone Buitendijk, Vice Provost (Education), will be giving an update on Learning and Teaching Strategy progress, activities and events. Simone will also be running a short Q&A session – if you have any questions on Curriculum Review or Pedagogy Transformation, please do come along and ask them.

Following Simone, we will be showcasing the teaching and insights of two Imperial staff members. Abstracts will appear below once each talk is confirmed.

Education Initiatives (EI) to Promote Independent Learning

Dr Umang Shah

Modern day teaching and learning approaches focus on student centred, immersed, active learning methods. Student involvement in module design and delivery is considered key, leading to nurturing student-academic partnerships, and enhancing students’ sense of belonging and ultimately ownership.

Here, we present a gaming based active learning approach, which is designed by students, for the students. The approach presented in this study can be employed in the classroom setting, or even for learning reinforcement and revision exercises promoting independent learning. Participatory design based student-academic partnership model presented in this study can be applied to any module designed on the principles of independent learning.

Making tomorrow's doctors today’s teachers

Dr Ged Murtagh

Dr Ged Murtagh from the Department of Surgery and Cancer has been leading on a project that uses year 5 medical students in the process of course and curriculum design. In doing so he has utilised the students’ educational experience and used it as a driver for learning and teaching innovation.

Employing some of the principles of the College’s Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science led by Professor Roger Kneebone, students use high realism simulation, realistic prosthetic materials and professional actors to simulate learning scenarios. All of this was designed to build microcosms of student partnership learning