Our First Talking Teaching event took place on the 13th December. We heard:

  1. An introduction from Prof Simone Buitendijk, Vice Provost (Education);
  2. A Learning and Teaching Strategy implementation update from Prof Alan Spivey, Assistant Provost (Learning and Teaching);
  3. About the support the EDU provides from Prof Martyn Kingsbury, Head of EDU;
  4. About developing online visualisations for education from Dr Caroline Clewley, a Senior Teaching Fellow from the Department of Physics.

The abstract for Caroline's talk is found below.

Online visualisations for education

This summer, Dr Caroline Clewley worked with a team of Python coding UROP students to develop a suite of visualisations.

The visualisations target abstract key concepts within Physics and other STEM subjects which students struggle to gain a deep conceptual understanding. These abstract concepts have applications in many courses across College and examples include: vector algebra, calculus and differential equations.

Online visualisations are versatile teaching tools which can be implemented during lectures to explain difficult concepts, used with an associated problem sheet for tutorials or coursework, or allow students to explore concepts in preparation for flipped lectures.

Dr Clewley is now trialling the visualisations in various learning settings and investigating their effectiveness in different lecture courses. The project has already received funding for another year in order to create a multi-departmental UROP team in the next summer break, working on concepts for lecture courses across College.