This month we were joined by Jon Fenton (Physics), Manjula Silva, Mark Oxborrow, Laura Lain and Jiyu Jiang (Materials).

Jon has been working with Roberto Trotta, Caroline Clewley and Masoud Seifikar to investigate student perceptions of active learning interventions – specifically the use of prereading and in-class polling in partially flipped physics lectures. Jon spoke about their findings so far from focus groups and class surveys, compare the perceptions of students in 1st and 3rd year, and discussed what this means practically for how similar activities should be run to maximise their effectiveness, inclusivity and student buy-in, and implications for scaling these up more widely.

Manjula and Mark Oxborrow worked with StudentShapers students (Laura Lain, Louis Kang and Jiyu Jiang ) over the summer to enrich laboratory learning experiences by developing pre-learning video guides and revamping experiments. Manjula, Mark, Jiyu and Laura spoke about how they developed these materials with a view to bridging the gap in students’ practical skills.