This month we'll be hearing from Anna Maria Jones, Danielle Kurtin, Tim Heightman and Thomas Hurkxkens.

Anna Maria Jones (Biomedical Education Transformation Fellow, PGT Academic Development Team) from the Faculty of Medicine will be joined by one of her student partners Danielle Kurtin (current PhD student and previous FoM PGT student) to present the collaborative design, delivery and evaluation of a Faculty-wide online pre-arrival course to support the student transition to PGT study. Adapt To Postgrad (ATP) is a highly active and reflective course designed to effectively set student expectations for Master’s study, not only preparing prospective students for an intensive programme of study, but also equipping students for predominantly remote learning in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tim Heightman (a physics undergraduate student and lead developer at the DLH) and Thomas Hurkxkens (New Media and Innovation Lead, DLH) will join us to talk about Square One, a recent Imperial College spinout. Square One create mixed reality learning experiences and are backed by the Enterprise Lab’s flagship IVMS scheme. They have so far delivered two products:

  •  An optics lab capable of dynamically modelling the ray and wave-like nature of light to produce lab-grade data on holographic equipment
  • A robotics learning experience to understand the articulation and dynamics of robotic motion and design, giving students the ability to design bodies in augmented reality and visualising the underlying mathematics.

Square One are looking for new staff partners in Imperial for content creation in their summer programme in 2021, in which they will run an “XR Bootcamp” that trains staff and students in how to develop these learning experiences.