This month we'll be joined by Kirsten Dalrymple (PG Medicine) and Tiffany Chiu (CHERS) & Freddie Page (Design Engineering).

Kirsten co-directs the Department of Surgery and Cancer’s MEd in Surgical Education with Roger Kneebone and will be presenting a case study of an interdisciplinary simulation session their team has developed with the Royal College of Music’s Master’s of Performance Science. Their immersive simulation session allows music and surgeon educators to experience a taste of what practice and performance is like in each other's domain and serves as a trigger to enable exploration of:

  • connections between theory and practice
  • perspectives and practices from another discipline
  • creative and open-ended uses of simulation for learning

Kirsten will share what their team has learned from its pedagogic experiment - including some of the unanticipated applications and benefits.

Tiffany and Freddie will be presenting on a two year study into staff and student’s interpretations of what it means to be an ‘ideal student’.

Tiffany has found that exploring this topic with staff and students can encourage open discussions about the explicit, implicit and idealistic expectations of students at university.

Tiffany will report on the findings of her study and how this links to her 'ideal' student survey that was most recently trialled by Freddie in the Dyson School of Design Engineering with a short activity during students' course induction.