Facilitating asynchronous collaboration and peer scaffolding using a student-led Wiki

T. N. Cheng, M. Maraj, P. Walker

In January 2020, a student-led Chemical Engineering Wiki was rolled-out by two undergraduate students (Thomas Nok Cheng and Pierre Walker) with progressive support from staff. Thomas, Pierre and Marsha Maraj (Senior Strategic Teaching Fellow) will join us to talk about this Wiki which was created to facilitate an effective and increased online engagement between students across the globe.

Wiki pages were developed for all Year 1 – 3 undergraduate modules and by May 2021 had over 100,000 views. 90% of the students who used the Wiki found it to be a valuable means of retrieving information, consolidating concepts and preparing for their examinations. These students have also indicated that the Wiki provided additional opportunities for increased collaboration and peer scaffolding during remote teaching and learning.

Opportunities for Active Learning

Y. Andrew, S. Foster, M. Seifikar, V. Tymms, S. Vezzoli

This presentation will provide an overview of an ongoing project to introduce active teaching to the undergraduate physics curriculum through blended learning and interactive demonstrations.

Flipped classroom approaches and teaching resources have been developed and used for several physics courses and modules.  In parallel, over the last three years a bank of experimental demonstrations have been developed for all four years of the undergraduate physics degree, documented and catalogued.  Many of these demonstrations have associated learning cycle questions and evaluation resources, developed with the course leaders for use either in person or remotely.  The effectiveness of both active approaches have been measured and evaluated using surveys, focus groups, interviews, in lecture observation and Mentimeter quiz analyses. Preliminary results will be discussed along with remaining work planned over the next year.

There will be an emphasis on points that could not be covered in our Education Week talk, due to time constraints.