Professor Alan Spivey, Assistant Provost (learning and teaching), will be giving an update on Learning and Teaching Strategy progress, activities and events. Alan will also be running a short Q&A session – if you have any questions on Curriculum Review or Pedagogy Transformation, please do come along and ask them.

Following Alan, we will be showcasing the teaching and insights of two Imperial staff members. Abstracts will appear below once each talk is confirmed.

Designing Inclusive and Participatory Curricula

Dr Elizabeth Hauke

Based on six years experience developing interactive learning experiences with students in the Imperial Horizons programme, Dr Elizabeth Hauke will explore some key curriculum design features that build inclusivity and student participation into the structure and delivery of the curriculum.

With examples including setting expectations for the module with learning contracts, engaging students in continuous feedback about their own and others’ learning needs and collaboratively formulating learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Professional skills: let’s be strategic

Dr Sophie Rutschmann

Reading papers and presenting data are two of the main activities we do as scientists. We have often learnt them “on the job” and might expect our students to have done the same. However, this might be a dangerous assumption when working with our international Master students who come from varied underground backgrounds. Using her experiential knowledge, Dr Sophie Rutschmann will present the “professional skills” sessions she has developed to hopefully improve students’ efficiency and impact when reading and presenting data.