At our last Talking Teaching of the Academic Year, we'll be hearing from Dr Robert Chatley (Computing) and Professor Omar Matar (Chemical Engineering).

Dr Robert Chatley has been applying the lean and agile techniques typically used in the development of software to the teaching of software engineering at Imperial. Drivers for teaching in this way include the ability to give sustained, high-quality feedback and guidance to all students, even in the face of large class sizes and fostering skills which align well with the needs of industry.

Professor Omar Matar will tell us about how he and his Group are utilising Virtual Reality (VR) technology for teaching fluid dynamics. VR provides students with a multi-sensory experience of fluid dynamics from within a liquid flow with real-time feedback through touch and sound of velocity, pressure, and stress fields. Using VR facilitates an interactive learning experience, allowing students to visualise the flow phenomena that the mathematical equations describe, and are complementary to traditional lectures.

Each talk will last 10-15 minutes, with plenty of opportunity for Q&A after each talk.