Professor Alan Spivey, Assistant Provost (learning and teaching), will be giving an update on Learning and Teaching Strategy progress, activities and events. Alan will also be running a short Q&A session – if you have any questions on Curriculum Review or Pedagogy Transformation, please do come along and ask them.

Following Alan, we will be showcasing the teaching and insights of two Imperial staff members. Abstracts will appear below once each talk is confirmed.

The Imperial College Advanced Hackspace: Turning Ideas into a Reality for Staff and Students

Professor Oscar Ces

Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH)’s vision is to allow any member of Imperial’s community to develop their ideas into reality.  Since its launch in mid-2014, ICAH has transformed the ideation and prototyping landscape at the college, growing to over 3000 members from all Faculties and Departments across the college, from medics to scientists to engineers to business students and future technology leaders.

ICAH gives Imperial College students and staff access to a unique suite of prototyping technologies and manufacturing equipment, training courses, workshops, design studios and laboratories around the college campuses.

This network of spaces, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world is home to cutting edge commercial prototyping technologies and pioneering advances from within the college ecosystem that enable the Hackspace to tackle the full spectrum of making in its broadest sense. From additive manufacturing through to robotics, electronics, microfluidics, synthetic biology, metalwork, woodwork and molecular synthesis-a unique one-stop workshop facility.  This technology framework is complemented by large-scale hackathons, training workshops, industry challenge events, bespoke mentoring support, ideation sessions and technology showcases.

Working alongside start-ups and commercial partners, the diverse members of ICAH rapidly convert research ideas into breakthrough prototypes faster than ever before, addressing societal and economic challenges.

IMPLEMnt: developing communities of practice

A call to action

Katie Stripe and James Moss

The National Heart and Lung Institute (Faculty of Medicine) received a grant from the Excellence Fund in Learning & Teaching Innovation 2017 to develop a community site to help teachers navigate their way through today’s technology saturated world in order to more effectively use technology in their teaching.

IMPLEMnT is an online project which hopes to empower teachers to create original resources which support blended learning. Phase one was the development of a web framework to collect and catalogue technologies used in teaching and learning with examples of educational good practice. Phase 2 aims to use that framework to build relationships between the pods of teaching innovation across the college network and collaboratively build content for the site while simultaneously creating a community that will benefit from the content.

We are now offering a challenge to the teaching community of Imperial to co-create content and build networks across departments to leverage our shared expertise to enhance the experience of our teaching staff and consequently of our students.