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14:00-15:00 in room 151, Royal School of Mines (tea/coffee available from 13:45)

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Professor Alan Spivey, Assistant Provost (learning and teaching), will be giving an update on Learning and Teaching Strategy progress, activities and events. Alan will also be running a short Q&A session – if you have any questions on Curriculum Review or Pedagogy Transformation, please do come along and ask them.

Following Alan, Dr Adrià Junyent-Ferré will join us to talk about using a flipped-classroom approach as an alternative to traditional lectures and then Dr Magda Charalambous will join us to talk about the role of self-efficacy in aiding the transition to university.

"Flipping the classroom without spilling": the ongoing trials in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Dr Adrià Junyent-Ferré

There's an ongoing discussion about how we can tailor our teaching methods to be the most effective for our new generations of students that grew up in the era of video streaming and mobile internet. The Panopto video recordings at Imperial have been found to be very useful during revision but we have registered a concerning drop in attendance to some of our lectures. Dr Junyent-Ferre will talk about his experience delivering a specialised 4th year electrical engineering module using a flipped-classroom approach as an alternative to traditional lectures. This relies on recorded lectures that students revise offline before attending in-person problem sessions. The first trial ran in Autumn 2017 and will continue this year.

‘Going into the unknown’: the role of self-efficacy in aiding the transition to university

Dr Magda Charalambous

The transition to university is a time of great academic and social change that students need to navigate. Dr Charalambous will present the results of research into transition for undergraduate Department of Life Sciences students using Bean & Eaton’s model of student retention as the theoretical framework. The aim of the research was to make recommendations for departmental practice, and with the curriculum review upon us, she would like to share these recommendations as most of them are generalisable to other Year 1 induction programmes.