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Supporting Teaching Fellows and Learning Technologists in pursuing development opportunities.


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The Fund supports Teaching Fellows and Learning Technologists to develop within their roles. The Fund has been established to support staff in the Faculties and the Business School to:

  • actively contribute to discussion on areas of curricula related to their pedagogic expertise and experience, and develop in line with best practices
  • engage in scholarly activities related to best practices in teaching and learning
  • promote and contribute to educational research 
  • attend and present at relevant events and conferences 


Please note, the Fund cannot be used for development activity where similar provision is provided by the College. We highly recommend looking through the provisions of the Educational Development Unit and the Learning Development Centre before applying. 

The Fund is available to staff in the Learning and Teaching Job Family, in the Faculties and the Business School, who do not have access to an alternative source of funding (e.g. departmental funds). If you are applying for funding for a training programme, your contract end date must be at least three months beyond the certificate award date. Funding will not normally be available to staff whose posts are externally funded.


Funding is available throughout the year, and up to £3,000 per person per financial year (1 Aug - 31 Jul) can be requested. The minimum requestable sum is £100 and claims below this should be directed to Departments. 

As a condition of the Fund, staff will be asked to report back on what the Fund has allowed them to do, what they will implement into their practice as a result, and how their activity is aligned to the Learning and Teaching Strategy. This might take the form of, for example, a written report, a blog post, a presentation to a group of relevant colleagues.

Please submit your request at least two weeks before any deadlines (e.g. a conference registration deadline) and direct any questions to