Terms of Reference

The CLCC/I-Explore steering group falls under the Education and Student Experience Committee. This committee seeks to support the administration and development of the I-Explore program from a strategic oversight position for both the I-Explore and CLCC portfolios. 

The Committee's main objectives are:

  • To provide long-term strategic vision for the I-Explore and CLCC portfolios, to inform their development and ensure they are aligned with the Learning and Teaching Strategy.
  • To review the module CLCC and I-Explore portfolios on a regular basis, to ensure that they remain relevant and aligned to strategy. This will include:
    • Deciding which modules should be included within the I-Explore programme.
    • To advise on the development of new modules and the balance of the portfolios
    • To advise on proposed new policies and procedures relating to module administration and delivery



  • Assistant Provost (Learning and Teaching) (Chair)
  • Faculty Vice-Deans (Education)
  • Director of the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication
  • Leads of Horizons, STEMM, BPES and Multidisciplinary Project Streams
  • Head of I-Explore (a newly proposed role)
  • Director of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship
  • Manager, Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication
  • Deputy President (Education), Imperial College Union
  • Registry QA Team Representative
  • Imperial Horizons Administrator
  • I-Explore Senior Administrator
  • Central Timetabling Team Representative


Meeting Dates

Meetings take place on Thursdays from 10.10-11.00. The upcoming meetings are:

  • 26 January
  • 23 February
  • 30 March
  • 27 April
  • 25 May
  • 29 June
  • 27 July