Teaching in the Chemical Engineering Department

Rewarding excellence and promoting courageous and innovative ideas in research and teaching

The College’s Strategy 2015-20 encourages Imperial to act courageously and innovatively when pursuing new opportunities.

The President, Professor Alice Gast, has dedicated one million pounds per year to reward excellence, while promoting courageous and innovative ideas in research and teaching.

Half of this has established the new Excellence Fund for Learning and Teaching Innovation which will be used to support educational initiatives that will challenge our students to fulfil their potential. Those receiving funds will help to form a community of excellent and innovative teachers who will play a key role in promoting good practice and helping the College to deliver a world-class educational experience for all of our students. This funding is designed to give our staff the time and space to be bold, to take risks, to investigate and to learn.

In the second annual call, funding was awarded to projects which will develop and encourage more inclusive learning and teaching, with a focus on the development of inclusive curriculum content. This will help to foster an inclusive and diverse culture, one of the four key pillars of the College's Learning and Teaching Strategy. In making our curricula more inclusive, we aim to use examples of research and encourage students to think of research that is inclusive of different groups of people and relevant to a wide range of people and to realise the benefits of diverse student backgrounds and cultural perspectives in teaching that involves the application of concepts to real-life situations. Find out more about the funded projects in these two news articles:



You can read about the six successful projects which were funded in the Fund’s first year in this news article: