A sub-group of the College Research Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To agree the appropriate review steps for any research funding call or research related opportunity that requires cross-College management, as advised by the Head of Funding Strategy, Research Office.
  • To undertake agreed reviews and assessments of cross-College internal research proposals and other research proposals as required, and make appropriate recommendations.
  • To report outcomes of reviews to the CRC.


Method of Working

  • The Group will comprise of the Vice-Dean (Research) for each Faculty and the Business School.  Additional members can be invited with the agreement of all members and the Head of Funding Strategy on an ad hoc basis.
  • The chair of the Group will be the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise).  
  • The Group will meet on a monthly basis.
  • A minimum of two members of the Group are required to be quorate.
  • Recommendations on the need for cross-College review, assessment or management of funding calls will be made by the Head of Funding Strategy working with the Faculty Strategic Research Managers or equivalent.
  • Reviews and assessments will be based on criteria of the excellence of the proposed research, eligibility and fit to the call.
  • Feedback to applicants will be limited to a statement of their success or otherwise unless there is additional feedback that is considered to be useful.
  • The Funding Strategy team is responsible for informing applicants of the outcome of each review and any identified feedback.
  • Summary information on recommendations and outcomes will be reported to the College Research Committee.

Conflict of interest

Where a member of the Group is conflicted by virtue of being an applicant (in some form) on a proposal to be considered, the CCRPRG may choose to invite an alternative representative of that Faculty will be agreed and replace them on the Group for the purposes of that funding call.