The Good Science Project is a College-wide initiative that promotes debate about contemporary research culture. A series of lunchtime events, and a conference open to all, will foster discussion of ‘the life scientific’. We aim to celebrate the ideals which brought us in to science, and by which we hope to work. We aim also to look with a critical eye at the way Imperial College can best support our inherent good practice.

What is ‘good science’?

The phrase is interesting because we know it points in two directions. On the one hand it notices the success of institutions: grants won, league tables scaled, the top jourmals stormed, media time guaranteed. But we know too that ‘good science’ connotes also something quieter, less public, more intimate. ‘Good science’ may be the moments of reflection where you have time to consider the direction your work is taking. It may be those conversations with colleagues that are both trustful and creative. Good science may be the style of work where collegiality is valued above individualism.

Get involved!

The Good Science Project is setting up a series of events that will shine light on these key dilemmas of research culture. We need institutional success: otherwise there can be no science. But researchers need time and they need autonomy. Otherwise the ideas will not flow. How can we get the balance right, and so produce the research culture that helps us all flourish?